Mullard Valve Tester Card Project

Updated 29th November 2017

I am still trying to compile a database detailing all of the Mullard High Speed Valve Tester cards. The breakthough has been to get a really fast way to note down the hole configuration of the cards and also a convenient way to verify that it is correct. Now it is just a matter of collecting as much data as possible, I know I don't have all the cards that are documented to exist so if other people can supply the missing data then this could become a comprehensive reference list.
This project has the support of the British Vintage Wireless Society.

If you need manuals or circuit diagrams for the tester then see my home page.

If you are interested to have a free copy of the end product then all you have to do is help me with the missing bits!

If you are missing the odd card then I can now generate PDF images from my database, but I still have a lot of checking and verification to do so please only ask for cards that you really need. My PDF card images are machine generated (not photos) and can be either cheap to print black and (mainly) white or alternatively can be realistic colour images (so mainly brown) that can be printed on thin card and then laminated using thick lamination film and finally punched out to make a fairly original-looking and useable card (this method invented by Dr Perrins).
I have even been known to make cards for people using the Dr Perrins method - but I do charge for that!

You can contact me by this e-mail address (which you will have to type in yourself)

... or send a PM to GMB.

I am also seeking card images for the "Mullard Master Test Board model 7629" also known as the "Philips GM7629 Cartomatic".
See 7629 CARD PROJECT for details.

MISSING CARDS - 29th November 2017

Here is the current list of card sets that are still missing. If you find any of these cards then please send me images of them. (The A, AB ABC etc. suffix shows the number of cards that I expect in the set). The sets marked thus are listed as not being released, although many of these have turned up in the military card sets.
But while checking for missing cards, please also check below for revised cards.

95 98
120 128B 141 165 171 172 173 175 176 198
204 216 220 226 229 231 239 247 254 260 266 275 276 281 287 289
303 305 322 324 326 330
441 448
500 537 538 539 540 544 545 551 556 559 564 585
754 787 854 861 881 896
917 930 931 932 933 934 935 936 937 938 939 951 957 963AB
1027ABC 1030 1034 1036 1038 1070ABC 1071 1077 1080 1081 1082
1108 1116 1178 1186 1187 1188 1189
1198 and upwards
CRT14 and upwards
CV cards from the military tester.

REVISED CARDS - 6th March 2012

There were quite a number of cards that Mullard updated, sometimes because the original release contained devastating errors. On the commercial cards you will find the revision letter printed just below the Mullard logo and on the military cards it has been seen as a letter after a "/" after the Mullard card number.
Diagram of card headers

Where present at all it is usually the letter "A" but there were a few "B" and who knows what else. Because most cards were not revised the easiest way to do this is to check through all your cards looking for any with a revision letter - then check in this table to see if I have already encountered your revised card. If you don't find it or you have a later revision then please send me an image of the card. THIS IS THE OPPOSITE WAY ROUND TO THE MISSING CARDS LIST because I have not found a list of which cards were revised so there is no way to know which ones are still to be found.

Worrying development: I have just found that the holes in what purport to be the same revision of the same card have been found to differ between the military and commercial cards!


12A 60B 100B 151 202 253 311 410A 501A 707A 911A
12B 61B 100C 153 203 255 316B 410B 508B 707B 911B
12C 62 107 156A 206 261A 316C 418B 508C 718A 924
13A 63 115 156B 210 261B 319 418C 512 720B 943
13B 65 117 156C 215 262 320A 419 547 720C 966
13C 67 119A 157A 217 264 334A 420 565 720D 967A
16A 69 119B 160A 218B 265A 334B 421 573A 721B 967B
22 70B 119C 160B 219A 268B 425 574A 755A
26B 74 129 161B 219B 268C 361 426 755B 1000
27A 75 133 162A 221A 271A 368B 428 620 755C 1058B
28 77 135 162B 221B 273 369A 430A 632A 756 1064A
30 78 143 169A 232 280A 369B 430B 632B 763 1065
33A 79 145A 169B 234 295A 371 430C 640 797A 1074
33B 82C 145B 170A 237 295B 376 433B 645 1083A
33C 90A 145C 170B 238A 298 377A 440B 646 827 1083B
36 90B 146A 170C 238B 380B 443 652 843A 1088
42C 90C 146B 174B 241A 385 456B 654A 843B 1128A
45 91B 148 177A 244B 391 465B 656 871AB1168B
47A 91C 149 178B 244C 394B 466B 661 898
50A 93 179A 249B 471 669B
50B 96 179B 249C 476A 669C
51A 99B 179C 478B
53A 99C 181A
54B 181B
54C 181C
55A 186
56A 187
56B 195
58B 197







Place the card on the scanner making sure that the edges are parallel and that the top of the card appears at the top of the scanned image. Make a colour or greyscale scan at about 100dpi and save the result in JPEG format.


Place the card on a white background, e.g. A4 paper, in a landscape orientation with the top of the card on the right hand side and make sure it is sitting as flat as possible. Take care with the illumination that there are no shiny reflections, so difuse daylight is best but at an angle (i.e. avoid lighting from directly above) and turn off the flash. If you have optical zoom then use the telephoto mode as wide angle lens usually creates barrel distortion, but don't use digital zoom. Take care to frame the card with a margin (don't cut any of it off), make sure the camera is looking at right-angles to the card and aligned as parallel as possible. A resolution of 1024x768 is sufficient.

Final notes

Name the file as the card number with JPG extension. Don't forget that there may be more than one card with different suffix letters. Do not apply any digital editing to the resulting pictures as they are not going to be retained after capturing the data they contain. Editing arefacts may confuse my software. If you are going to send me a lot of files then it would be more convenient for me if you could pack them into a single ZIP file.

VALVE LIST - 9th January 2006

Do you have any extra valves to add to this PDF of valve number index? This is not a scan but contains searchable text but due to being machine generated isn't quite in the original order although I have tried to get close. The red card numbers are ones that are missing from my collection and the green ones are those that have been contributed by others. If you can't be bothered to look though the list then perhaps you could scan your lists and email me a copy. In particular I would like to have the full list for the military version, i.e. the card numbers for the CV numbers.

CARD LIST - 29th November 2017

The following cards are thought not to exist, although I have come across a couple already. So if you have a list of card numbers then please check it to see if you can say which valves these cards should test...

95 98
120 128 141 165 171 172 173 175 176 198
204 216 220 226 229 231 239 247 254 260 266 275 276 281 287 289
303 305 322 324 326 330
441 448
500 537 538 539 540 544 545 551 556 559 564 585
754 787
854 861 881 893AB 896
930 931 932 933 934 935 936 937 938 939 951 957 963AB
1030 1034 1036 1038 1070 1071 1077 1081 1082
1108 1116 1150 1178 1186 1187 1188 1189
1198 and upwards



There are known to be at least 5 versions of the tester. I now have the circuits for E7600, E7600/3, E7600/4 and CT80. If you have a tester with a different model number then please let me know.

You can find some manuals and circuits on my home page