Air Ministry equipment numbers

Established 15th April 2005
Last updated: 6th June 2022

Here is my attempt to compile a list of the Air Ministry equipment numbers and some notes about what they were.
WWII military aircraft equipment is mainly built in a modular fashion, so that power units, aerial connections, control panels etc. could be varied according to the detail of the installation, which itself was given an ARI number. Most of the main equipment numbers refer to either receivers or transmitters and are the main functional parts of the installation. Other modules, such as power units, were numbered using a different system, often by numeric type number. Note that some transponders seem to have been numbered like receivers possibly to confuse the enemy.

I have now compiled a list of some of the Aircraft Radio Installation details.

I have compiled this list from many sources and it will contain errors.
Sources include: equipment that I own, museums, photos on eBay, Air Publications and other web sites.
If you find any errors or additions then please email...

A46 A1104 A1128 A1130 A1134 A1135 A1140 A1219 A1271 A1368 A1414 A1416 A1961 A3208 A3562 A3583 A3606 A3713 X13049
R45 R54 R55 R64 R68 R1080 R1082 R1084 R1088 R1093 R1094 R1097 R1099 R1100 R1101 R1103 R1107 R1109 R1110 R1114 R1116 R1124 R1125 R1127 R1132 R1137 R1139 R1147 R1149 R1152 R1153 R1155 R1157 R1159 R1163 R1164 R1166 R1167 R1168 R1169 R1170 R1171 R1172 R1173 R1178 R1183 R1186 R1187 R1188 R1189 R1194 R1198 R1202 R1205 R1207 R1214 R1216 R1217 R1220 R1224 R1225 R1228 R1244 R1255 R1257 R1273 R1294 R1297 R1324 R1355 R1359 R1392 R1395 R1398 R1400 R1402 R1426 R1448 R1471 R1475 R1481 R1545 R1556 R1612 R1618 R1622 R1624 R1625 R1626 R1635 R1668 R1948 R1967 R1968 R3002 R3003 R3009 R3038 R3039 R3041 R3060 R3061 R3066 R3067 R3069 R3075 R3077 R3078 TR3082 TR3083 R3084 R3085 R3090 R3102 R3108 R3109 R3118 R3120 R3121 R3124 R3132 R3136 R3189 R3206 R3211 R3212 R3502 R3515 R3516 R3540 R3547 R3553 R3554 R3564 R3572 R3582 R3584 R3585 R3588 R3640 R3645 R3647 R3664 R3673 R4187 T4188 R5019 R5032
T70 T77 T1078 T1083 T1086 T1087 T1090 T1092 T1096 T1098 T1102 T1106 T1108 T1113 T1115 T1118 T1119 T1121 T1122 T1123 T1131 T1136 T1142 T1151 T1154 T1156 T1179 T1181 T1182 T1184 T1190 T1227 T1259 T1267 T1302 T1333 T1360 T1365 T1394 T1396 T1397 T1399 T1401 T1403 T1408 T1422 T1509 T1524 T1540 T1601 T1602 T1613 T1629 T1630 T1661 T1665 T1681 T1942> T3010 T3026 T3040 T3042 T3045 T3062 T3065 T3074 T3079 T3100 T3130 T3135 T3180 T3205 T3501 T3568 T5017
TR9 TR11 TR1091 TR1105 TR1112 TR1126 TR1133 TR1143 TR1148 TR1150 TR1161 TR1196 TR1226 TR1304 TR1366 TR1427 TR1430 TR1431 TR1460 TR1462 TR1464 TR1520 TR1621 TR1657 TR1934 TR1935 TR1936 TR1943 TR1985 TR1986 TR1987 TR1988 TR2002 TR3137 TR3151 TR3152 TR3159 TR3160 TR3161 TR3164 TR3173 TR3174 TR3182 TR3190 TR3191 TR3196 TR3197 TR3207 TR3505 TR3507 TR3514 TR3519 TR3523 TR3523 TR3526 TR3529 TR3530 TR3532 TR3548 TR3549 TR3555 TR3558 TR3559 TR3561 TR3563 TR3566 TR3567 TR3576 TR3577 TR3579 TR3590 TR3593 TR3598 TR3603 TR3604 TR3610 TR3624 TR4626 TR5043 TR11542 TR13046
W39 W42 W66 W69 W75 W1081 W1089 W1095 W1117 W1158 W1180 W1185 W1191 W1192 W1193 W1239 W1252 W1310 W1432 W1433 W1646 W1649 W1650 1274 AD7092
Type 3 Type 4A Type 15 Type 16 Type 32 Type 32A Type 32B Type 33 Type 33A Type 33B Type 34 Type 34A Type 35 Type 35A Type 45 Type 46 Type 87 Type 104 Type 114 Type 115 Type 159 Type 165 Type 173 Type 234A Type 247 Type 285 Type 286 Type 295 Type 301 Type 319 Type 320 Type 360 Type 429 Type 4231 Type 5003A Type 7262

TR9Transceiver, 4.3-6.6MHz Xtal controlled, battery powered (2V, 120V, internal grid bias). Noted for its poor range.
(Replaced by the TR1133 VHF set as soon as enough were available).
TR9AConsists of T1096 and R1097.
TR9BConsists of T1102 and R1103.
TR9CConsists of T1121 and R1103.
TR9D (10D/10470)Used on early Hurricane and Spitfire, 1 r/t channel and 1 for automatic d/f transmission every minute.
Receiver audio stage acts as modulator for transmitter.
Consists of T1119 and R1120
TR9F (10D/10740)Same as TR9D but where automatic d/f not used, for use on larger aircraft giving two r/t channels, normally used with A1134 or Amplifier Type B or C but can be patched for direct use with carbon microphones.
Consists of T1138 and R1139.
TR9G (10D/13316)Variant of TR9D for night fighters with improved intercom (suitability for naval fighters).
TR9H (10D/13319)Simplified single channel version for large aircraft, using A1134 as modulator and power unit Type 173 for HT, replacing TR9F.
Consists of T1396 and R1139.
TR9J (10D/13321)Variant of TR9F for Coastal Command aircraft, 2410kHz only.
Consists of T1397 and R1398.
TR9K (10D/13324)Variant of TR9F, used on smaller a/c, gliders and where no A1134 is fitted.
Consists of T1399 and R1400.
TR9L (10D/13327)Variant of TR9F for marine Air/Sea rescue craft, 2410KHz only.
Consists of T1401 and R1402.
TR11Transceiver, TR11B(10A/9128) 3.0-4.3MHz consists of T1098 and R1099
W39Wavemeter, 25kHz-6.7MHz. W39A replaced W39 when stocks of DE5B valves were used up.
Valves (W39): 2xDE5B
Valves (W39A): VW42, VR21/VR27/VW42
W42Wavemeter, 15kHz-8MHz
Valves (W42): 2xDE5B or 2xP625
Valves (W42A): 2x210HL
R45Receiver, artillery observation. Used with amplifier A46.
A46Amplifier, used with R45.
R54Receiver, portable ground station for artillery cooperation, R54 (10A/7211) 500-1000kHz and R54A (10A/9548) 1.22-1.54MHz, battery 3x15V,1.5V
Valves: 3xVR17 (+spare)
R55Receiver unit of R54
R64Receiver, army cooperation.
W66Wavemeter (airborne), 3-15MHz. Consists of resonant circuit and neon lamp.
R68Receiver, aircraft.
W69Wavemeter, passive 4-7MHz, used to set up TR9.
Valves: 210HF
T70Transmitter (10A/7755), large ground station, 2.5-6MHz
Valves: VT5B, VT4B, Det3, VT25
W75Wavemeter, 3-4.3MHz, used to set up TR11.
Valves: 210HF
T77Transmitter, large ground station, 143-400kHz and 1500-2256kHz
Valves: 3xVT26, VT4B, VT13C, 2xVU29
T1078Transmitter (10A/8292), large ground station, 3-15MHz
Valves: TX3-200, TX5-400, 164V, MZ05-20, RG1-125, RX3-120, ADW4
R1080Receiver (10A/8291) ground, for meteorological broadcasts. 2455kHz 12V+200V or mains.
Valves: 2xVP13C, FC13C, 2D13C, Pen13C, 1W3A
W1081Wavemeter (10A/8405), 3-15MHz and 135-500kHz.
Valves: VW36
R1082Receiver (10A/8415), prewar HF mid 30s to 1940, TRF, 111kHz-15MHz using plug-in 15 anode coils and 17 aerial coils (6 for d/f). One coil uses permeability tuning. A separate aerial switching unit added d/f resolving capability. Compared to the R1116 this was old technology. Battery powered (2V, 120V, no grid bias)
Valves: VU33, VR18(215SG), VR27(210LF), 2xVR21(210LF), VR22(220PA)
T1083Transmitter (10A/8456), 136-500kHz, 3-6,6-10,10-15MHz used with R1082
Valves: 2xVT25
R1084Receiver, battery powered HF ground station. 120kHz-20MHz in 11 frequency ranges using plug-in coils. IF transformers were plug-in too with IF of 167kHz for 600kHZ-20MHz and IF of 40kHz for 120-600kHz. It could also operate as a TRF receiver over the middle 6 range of frequencies(?).
Valves: 7xVR28, 3xVR21, 2xVR27, VR22
T1086Transmitter, ground station.
T1087Transmitter (10A/8709), large ground station, 1.5-20MHz
Valves: VT30, 2xVT31, VT25
R1088Radio control for "Queen Bee" (radio controlled Tiger Moth target aircraft). Used with T1267
W1089Wavemeter, for use with "Queen Bee"
T1090Transmitter (10A/9337) mobile ground station for army cooperation, and fitted in the General Purpose Wireless Vehicle.
545-857, 1222-2069, 2000-3409, 3000-4615, 4286-6667kHz. Used with R1094.
Valves: 4xVT25
TR1091Transceiver (10A/9275), consisting of T1092 and R1093, remote controlled
T1092Transmitter part of TR1091, 1,539-1,222kHz. 3,409-2000kHz.
Valves: VT13C, VT25
R1093Receiver part of TR1091, 1,539-1,222kHz. 3,409-2000kHz.
Valves: 2xVR18, VR27, 2xVR21, VR21, VR22
R1094General purpose vehicle wireless. Used with T1090.
W1095Wavemeter (10A/9143), 3.41-2.0 and 1.54-1.22MHz, battery powered 2V/60V/6VGB
Valves: 210HF
T1096Transmitter part of TR9A
R1097Receiver part of TR9A
T1098Transmitter (10A/9216), part of TR9 and TR11
Valves: VT50, 2xVT51
R1099Receiver (10A/9215), part of TR11
R1100Receiver (10A/9476), ground station (army cooperation), replaced R54, battery powered, 1.2-1.5MHz (artillery) and 2-3MHz (tactical). AM R/T and CW
Valves: VR43, 2xVR49 and spares.
R1101Ground station receiver
T1102Transmitter part of TR9B
R1103Receiver part of TR9B and TR9C
TR1105Transceiver for fighter. Consists of T1106 and R1107
T1106Transmitter for fighter. Part of TR1105.
R1107Receiver for fighter. Part of TR1105.
T1108General purpose set (cancelled)
R1109General purpose set (cancelled)
R1110Receiver, VHF navigation for Spitfire - prototype
TR1112Transceiver for fighters, consists of T1113 and R1112, stopped
R1113Receiver, part of TR1112
T1114Transmitter, part of TR1112
T1115Transmitter, Fairey Swordfish, used with R1116, 142kHz-20MHz, 6V/600V
Valves: 2xVT45, VT46, VT47
R1116Receiver (10D/10310), Fairey Swordfish. A seriously unusual 1930's battery-powered double-conversion superhet. Dual tuners with variable reluctance tuning and built-in d/f resolver. 142-1600kHz, 2-20MHz with IFs of 1.7MHz and 100kHz. A power-saving double-pentode class-B AF amplifier provided intercom for crew of three. It even had electronic remote-control for fine tuning and volume. Battery powered (2V, 120V, internal grid bias battery)
Valves: VU33, VR21(210LF), 2xVR82(220TH), 2xVR83(210VPT), VR44(210DDT), VR35(QP21)
W1117Wavemeter (10D/10220) replacement for W1081, 125kHz-20MHz, battery powered
Valves: VW48, VW36
T1118Transmitter, part of TR9D. Alternative to T1119
T1119Transmitter, part of TR9D, xtal controlled
Valves: VT50, 2xVT51
R1120Receiver, part of TR9D
Valves: 2xVR18, VR27, 2xVR21, VR22
T1121Transmitter part of TR9C
T1122Transmitter, main beacon, 30.5-40.5MHz 500W modulated 90% at 1150Hz. Part of blind approach consisting of T1122, 2xT1123 and remote control unit.
Valves: 6x4033A, 2x4304BB, 2x4251AX
T1123Transmitter, marker beacons, 38MHz 5W modulated 90% at 1700Hz (inner) and 700Hz (outer). Part of blind approach consisting of T1122, 2xT1123 and remote control unit.
Valves: 7x4033A
R1124Receiver, beam approach main beacon, with 475kHz IF, 30.5-40.4MHz (Six "spot" frequencies) used PU Type 5 (10A/11840) and CU Type 6 (10A/11841)
Valves: 3xVR106, VR107, VR108, VR109
R1125Receiver, beam approach marker beacon, 38 MHz
Valves: VR108, VR109
TR1126Transceiver, fighter.
R1127Receiver. Queen Wasp.
A1128Amplifier, used with R1110
A1130RF amplifier. 3-30MHz. Used with T1184
T1131Transmitter, ground station, 99-126MHz, 1.2KVA
R1132Receiver, ground VHF station, with 12MHz IF, 100-124MHz. (100-121?) AM R/T and CW. 600 ohm audio o/p. Uses power unit Type 3 (also 4A for battery operator)
Valves: 2xVR65, VR66, 3xVR53, VR54, VR57, VR67, VR53, VS70
TR1133Transceiver, Spitfire/Hurricane, consists of T1136, R1137 and A1135. A suffix for 12V and B for 24V, 100MHz-120MHz in four "spot" Xtal frequencies. Trialled 30th Oct 1939 as replacement for TR9. Receiver changed to R1225 early 1941 making TR1133G or H
AA1134Amplifier for up to 7 crew using electromagnetic microphones, battery powered (2V, 120V, 6V) class-B push-pull output, configurable to modulate TR9 and T1083 or T1154. (10D/11500)
Valves: VR21, VR35
A1135Amplifier, part of TR1133
T1136Transmitter, part of TR1133
R1137Receiver, part of TR1133
T1138Transmitter, part of TR9F
Valves: VT50, VT51, VR118
R1139Receiver, part of TR9F, and TR9H
Valves: 2xVR18, VR27/VR21,2xVR21,VR22/VR118
A1140Amplifier, used with R1116/T1115
T1142Transmitter, ground VHF alternative to T1131
TR1143Transceiver, Airborne communications equipment, 100 to 124 MHz, with 9.72MHz IF. Replacement for TR1133, large-scale production in 1942. 4 channels Xtal control. Consists of Transmitter type 17, Amplifier type 18, Receiver type 19.
Valves of Receiver: 4xVR91(EF50), VT52(EL32), 2xVR53(EF39), VR55(EBC33).
Valves of transmitter: 2xVR53(EF39), 4xVT501, VR92(EA50)/VR78.
Later TR1143A consists of Transmitter type 50, Receiver type 71, Amplifier type 165.
R1147Receiver, VHF navigation for Spitfire/Seafire (FAA), 25MHz IF. R1147A was improved R1110, 3 spot frequencies. R1147B (10D/13129) had continuous tuning over 108-230MHz.
Valves: EF54, EC52, 2xEF50, EBC33, EF36(?), EF36
TR1148Transceiver (10D/285),ground station for Balloon Command, 60-65MHz, consists of TR Unit Type 2; PU Type 41 (10K/35) 6V or PU Type 38 (10K/25) mains.
Valves: EL50, TV05/12, 4672, 4671, ECC31
R1149Marconi Adcock d/f receiver
TR1150Transceiver (10D/78), 60.0Mhz Balloon drifters, battery power (2V+3x54V+27V GB).
Valves: 230XP, VT51, PP2
T1151Marconi AD 6872B transmitter, used with R1152
R1152Marconi AD 77A receiver, used with T1151
R1153Marconi d/f receiver
T1154Transmitter, used with R1155.
Valves: 2xVT105, 2xVT104
R1155Receiver, replaced R1082, the main HF r/t set for larger aircraft (famously the Lancaster), 560kHz IF, HF l8.5-7.5MHz 7.5-3.0MHz MF 1,500-600kHz, 500-200kHz and 200-75kHz. June 1940, used with T1154. Single conversion superhet - its unusual feature is electronic aerial switching for d/f resolving and automatic d/f using dual-meter display
Valves: 3xCV1100(KTW62), CV1581(ECH35), 2xCV1099(X66), CV1102(BL63), 2xCV1101(MHLD6), CV1103(Y63)
T1156Marconi AD 6072B transmitter, used with R1157
R1157Marconi AD 67A receiver, used with T1156
W1158VHF Wavemeter, 160MHz to 210+(?)
R1159Ground station CRT d/f
TR1161Transceiver (10D/256) for F.A.A., 3-7MHz. Consists of transmitter (10R/2), receiver (10P/1) and power unit (10K/69).
Valves in tx: 2xVT60
Valves in rx: 5xVR91, 6K8, VR53, VR55
Valves in pu: VS68
R1163Portable broadcast receiver (Murphy)
R1164Marconi RC67 (SW receiver)
R1166Hallicrafters Sky Rider
R1167Hallicrafters VHF
R1168Hallicrafters Skyrider SX-24. 545kHz-43.5MHz
R1169Hallicrafters SX-17
R1170Hallicrafters HF Special
R1171d/f receiver
R1172Hallicrafters Skyrider S-21 Special
R1173Marconi RG25A receiver
R1178Marconi RG37 receiver
W1180Wavemeter, used with T3002, T3004
T1181Transmitter, STC M15
T1182Transmitter, STC M16
R1183Eddystone 358 receiver. 40kHz-31MHz AM/CW using plug-in coils
T1184Transmitter. Large ground station, Marconi SWB8A. 3-22MHz, 2-3.5kW
W1185Wavemeter, 20-75MHz. W1185A 20-100MHz.
R1186Cossor B31 broadcast receiver
R1187Peto Scott VHF d/f receiver
R1188AR77 and AR77E ground station receiver. Mains powered. 540kHz-31MHz. 455kHz IF.
Valves: 6SK7, 6K8, 6SK7, 6SK, 6H6, 6SQ7, 6F6, 6SJ7, 5Z4, VR150
R1189SW receiver (3 valve superhet)
T1190Transmitter, large ground station, 1.5-15MHz xtal controlled. Uses A1104.
Valves: 2xVT96, 2xVT31, VU39
W1191Wavemeter, 100kHz-20MHz, used with T1422. HT+LT battery powered with 1MHz crystal oscillator to check calibration. W1191 (10T/31) has directly calibrated dial, W1191A (10T/565) uses separate calibration chart.
Valves: VR19, 2xVT50, VR82
W1192Wavemeter, used with W1191
W1193Wavemeter, HF
R1194Hallicrafters SX-25. Single conversion superhet. 5.5MHz-42MHz in 4 bands
TR1196Transceiver, 4.3MHz-6.7MHz in maximum of four spot Xtal channels, with 465kHz IF. Airborne equipment designed originally for F.A.A with later B and C versions for Coastal Command with special channel A 2.41MHz. Can be used with A1134 for multi-seat aircraft. Consists of Tx Type 22 (10R/23); Rx Type 25 (10P/11); 12V PU Type 104 (10K/238) for TR1196A (10D/369) or 24V PU Type 87 (10K/201) for TR1196 (10D/325).
Valves in tx: VR91, VT501, VT52
Valves in rx: 2xVR53, VR57, 2xVR56, VR55
R1198Hallicrafters S-27 (US AN/APR-5). 27-145MHz in 3 bands. 5.25MHZ variable bandwidth IF. Used in Anson aircraft to locate German navigation beams.
R1202Receiver RS5E (battery powered)
R1205Marconi DFG10 Adcock receiver
R1207STC R9 receiver
R1214Marconi DFP3 receiver. 1.5-2MHz
R1216Marconi DFG20 receiver
R1217Marconi DFP4 receiver
A1219Amplifier (10H/10), replacement for A1134 when TR1133, T3065, R3066, R3080 or R3085 installed. Electromagnetic mics. Battery powered 2V/120V/6VGB
Valves: VR21, VR35
R1220Eddystone 400
R1224Receiver, ground station covering 1-9 MHz in three bands: 4.3-9 MHz, 2.1-4.3 MHz, 1-2.1 MHz. Battery powered (2V, 100V, -9V) Used by small emergency airfields. 5 valve superhet with gain control of RF front end and reaction control on IF, with 465kHz IF. Used with T1422.
Valves: 2xARP12, FC2A, VR21, VR118(?)
R1225Receiver with 9.72MHz IF, Xtal controlled. Added to TR1133 (made TR1133G or H)
TR1226VHF transceiver for bombers. 122-146MHz. Consists of R1228 and T1227
T1227Transmitter section of TR1226
R1228Receiver section of TR1226
W1239Wavemeter, mains powered with magic eye display
R1244National HRO receiver. 50kHz-30MHz AM/CW
W1252Wavemeter, mains powered with magic eye display (10T/59), VHF?
R1255Hallicrafters SX-28
R1257Hallicrafters S-27U(?) or maybe S-27C UHF receiver, 125-240MHz.
T1259Transmitter (10D/202), large ground station, 110-1200kHz 2kW.
Valves: 3xVT74, KT61, VT74, D63, 2xVR91, VT79, 2xVR91, 2xVT506 + rectifiers
T1267Radio control for "Queen Bee" (radio controlled Tiger Moth target aircraft). Used with R1088
A1271Amplifier, beam approach used with TR1133, TR1143, TR1430
R1273Receiver, ground station direction finding (10D/553) 2.5-9MHz in 2 bands. 400kHz IF. Used power unit 298.
?1274Receiver controller
R1294Receiver, ground station, UHF 500-3000MHz. AM R/T and CW
R1297Receiver, ground station, six bands: 60-160kHz, 160-420kHz, 500-1400kHz, 1.4-4Mhz, 4-11Mhz, 11-30MHz, AM version of Marconi CR100/2 B28, superhet IF 465kHz, Ref: 10D/592
Valves: 7xKTW62, X66, DH63, KT63, U50
T1302Transmitter (10D/609), large ground station. 110-1200kHz 2kW. Similar to T1259.
TR1304Transceiver (10D/611), 4 channel xtal controlled tx 3-10MHz, rx 2-12MHz
Valves in tx (10R/62): 6F6G, 5B300G
Valves in rx (10P/46): 2x6U7G, 6K8G, 6B8G
Valves in amplfier (10U/96): 6U7G, 2x33A/100A
W1310Wavemeter (10T/87), For setting up R3598 (?)
T1333Transmitter, HF dinghy rescue, "Gibson-girl", 500KHz 5W xtal controlled with 1KHz modulation. Hand powered generator supplies 330V/6.3V
Valves: 6V6G, 6J7G
R1355Receiver, GEE, 7.5MHz IF. Also used for GEE-H
R1359Receiver, ground station, 130-520MHz AM R/T and CW. Powered from AC mains or 6V DC
T1360Transmitter, part of TR3549, Airborne Cigar jammer for 30-33, 38.3-42.5, 48-52MHz also used by Jostle-II
T1365Transmitter, ground station, GEE
TR1366Transceiver, 17.5-20MHz, crystal controlled
A1368Amplifier, similar to A1219 (?). Battery powered 2V/120V
R1392Receiver, ground station VHF 118-130.5MHz, 4.86MHz IF, single crystal-controlled channel. Uses power unit 234A. 15 valves.
T1394Transmitter (10D/13317), part of TR9G
R1395Receiver (10D/13318), part of TR9G
T1396Transmitter (10D/13320), part of TR9H
T1397Transmitter (10D/13322), part of TR9J
R1398Receiver (10D/13323), part of TR9J
T1399Transmitter (10D/13325), part of TR9K
R1400Receiver (10D/13326), part of TR9K
T1401Transmitter (10D/13328), part of TR9L
R1402Receiver (10D/13329), part of TR9L
T1403Transmitter, ground station, 1-9MHz, used with R1224A.
T1408Transmitter, part of Mandrel-I radar jammer, 68-78 and 128-148 MHz bands. Used with Type 68 modulator, and Type 300 power unit of 1.2KW at 80V.
A1414Amplifier, HF aerial amplifier for use with R1475
A1416Amplifier, HF aerial amplifier for use with R1475
T1422Transmitter, small ground station, used with R1224 and W1191.
R1426Ground based GEE receiver, used in conjunction with Indicator 95 and Power Unit 285. 10D/999
TR1427Transceiver, Moonshine radar jammer
TR1430Transceiver, 100-124Mhz Airborne VHF 8-channel communications for 5 seat a/c, with intercom. Replaced dual TR1143 (March 1944) and then dualed with TR1143 for 12 channels and then with itself for 16.
TR1431Transceiver, Ground Mandrel EW radar jammer, 65-160MHz modified in 1944 to 90-200MHz
W1432Wavemeter used to set up TR3173
W1433Wavemeter used to set up TR3173
R1448Ground station receiver, version of Eddystone S.400B, 130kHz-2.2MHz using 4 plugin coils, 110kHz IF, 6 valves. CW only.
TR1460Transceiver 2.4-6.7Mz with 550kHz IF used by FAA multi-seat aircraft
TR1462?Transceiver with 9.72MHz IF
TR1464Transceiver, VHF 4-channels. Light-weight replacement for earlier fighter sets. 50lb lighter than TR1133. Late WWII
R1471Receiver, ground
R1475Receiver, ground, 2-20MHz in 4 bands, 601.3kHz IF. Consists of receiver type 88 and power unit type 360 for mains or 12V battery operation. (Marconi RG44)
Valves: 3xCV1053(EF39), 2xCV1932(6J5), 2xCV1347(ECH35), CV216, 3xCV587(6Q7), CV1054(EB34), CV1103(Y63)
R1481Receiver, ground VHF (a modified R1132) 65-86MHz
T1509Transmitter, large ground HF 1.5-20MHz, mains powered, 300W output. Remote control unit Type 310. Used with R1475.
Valves: 807x4, 813x4, 6J5Gx2, 6K7G, EB34x2, +psu
TR1520Transceiver, VHF, crystal controlled 10 channels (?)
T1524Transmitter, Jostle-IV. (ARI 5289) High power FM,CW jammer in 3-6, 6-12, 12-18, 26-35, 35-34 and 45-54 MHz bands.
T1540Transmitter 10D/2120, 100-156MHz VHF 5W ground station, consists of transmitter type 65 (a modified T5017 i.e. US BC625) with mains power supply type 429. Channel selector removed for single crystal control and manual stage tuning.
Valves: 6G6G, 3x12A6, 2x6SS7, 2x832, 6X5G, 5U4G
R1545Receiver, emergency dinghy, 500kHz. Used with the Gibson Girl Tx
R1556Receiver, ground general purpose HF single conversion superhet, 6 bands, AM version of the AR-88 (10D/2360). Also R1556A (10D/2881) is AR-88D (535kHz-32MHz) and R1556B is AR-88LF (73kHz-550kHz,1.48-30.5MHz). Made by RCA 1941-5.
T1601Transmitter, Jostle-III jammer
T1602Transmitter, Gee-H Mk-I
R1612Receiver, part of Ground Grocer AI jammer, 480-500MHz
T1613Transmitter, part of Ground Grocer AI jammer, 480-500MHz
R1618Receiver, Boozer-I warning system
TR1621Transceiver, Carpet-II radar jammer, 300-600MHz (ARI 5549). Noise modulated jamming was transmitted for 8 minutes after a search sweep identified a radar.
R1622Receiver, Bagful. 300-420, 355-475, 450-590MHz. 20MHz IF.
R1624Receiver, part of TR3549, Airborne Cigar jammer for 30-33, 38.3-42.5, 48-52MHz
R1625Receiver, Hookah radar jammer homer, 490, 530-600Mhz
R1626Receiver, Boozer-II warning system
T1629Transmitter, Gee H Mk-II used with R3582
T1630Transmitter, Grocer-II radar jammer
R1635Receiver, 30-40MHz(?)
W1646Wavemeter (10T/6040), radar tx check
W1649Wavemeter, 155-255Mhz or 140-240MHz sig. gen.
W1650Wavemeter, tuned cavity, 10S/16047
TR1657Transceiver, Mandrel-III EWradar jammer, 148-196MHz
T1661Transmitter, part of American Mandrel EW radar jammer, 63-103, 92-113, 143-203Mhz and also Manrel-I 85-135MHz
T1665Transmitter, Mandrel-II radar jammer
R1668Receiver, Hookah radar jammer homer
T1681Transmitter, Piperack/Dina-II radar jammer, 95-210MHz
TR1934Transceiver, VHF, crystal controlled 10 channel (B variant 44 channels?)
TR1935Transceiver, VHF, crystal controlled 10 channel (B variant 44 channels?)
TR1936Transceiver, VHF, crystal controlled 10 channel (B variant 44 channels?)
A1938Amplifier, RF cathode follower, part of the Brtish Radio Compass A.R.I.5428
T1942Transmitter, Carpet-IV radar jammer. AM version of T-85/APT-5. 350-1200MHz 15W
A1961Amplifier 10U/16596, used on Hawker Hunter
R1948Receiver, radar intercept (US AN/APR-4) 38-4000MHz AM/CW in bands using plugin tuners. Power: 28V DC and 80V/115V 60-2600Hz
TN-16/APR-4 38-95MHz; TN-17/APR-4 74-320MHz; TN-18/APR-4 300-1000MHz; TN-19/APR-4 0.975-2.2GHz; TN-54/APR-4 2.150-4GHz.
Valves: 7x6AC7, 6AG7, 6H6, 2x5Y3. Tuners: 955, 9002, CV850
R1967Modified RCA AR88, possibly with increased output impedance
R1968Another modified RCA AR88
TR1985Transceiver, airborne VHF 105-125MHz, 10 channels
TR1986Transceiver, airborne VHF 124.5-156MHz, 10 channels
TR1987Transceiver, airborne VHF 115-145? (?105-144)MHz, 10 channels
TR1988Transceiver, airborne VHF 100-156MHz, 10 channels
TR2002Transceiver (10D/17997), airborne VHF single channel 121.5MHz emergency transceiver with integral power unit. 24V battery supply (62W). 1W RF output. Consists of Receiver Type 127 and Transmitter Type 98.
Valves (TX): 2xCV2135, 6xCV416
Valves (RX): 2xCV850, 3xCV131, CV140, CV138, 2xCV850
R3002Transponder, IFF-II 12V
R3003Transponder, IFF-II 24V also modifed as Shiver?Silver? jammer for 24-26Mhz
R3009Receiver, ASV-I, 16-49m
T3010Transmitter, ASV-I and IA, 16-49m
T3026Transmitter, Radar ground station, AMES1 CH. 22.7-29.7MHz, 5-40uS, 450KW. T3026A 750KW.
R3038Receiver, ASV-IA, 16-49m
R3039Receiver, ASV-II, 176MHz
T3040Transmitter, ASV-II, 176MHz
R3041Receiver, AI-II, 1.5m, NOV 1939, with T3042
T3042Transmitter, AI-II, 1.5m, NOV 1939, with R3041
T3045Transmitter, AI-III, 1.5m, with R3069, late 1939
R3060Transponder, IFF-IIE
R3061Transponder, IFF-IIE
T3062Transmitter, AI-III, 1.5m, with R3069, late 1939
T3065Transmitter, AI-IV, 188-198MHz, with R3066/R3102, first usable AI 1941, also AI-V
R3066Receiver, AI-IV, 188-198MHz, with T3065
R3067Transponder, IFF-III 12V version of R3090, 157-187 MHz, copied in US as SCR-595-AZ
R3069Receiver, AI-III, 1.5m, with T3045/T3062, late 1939
T3074Transmitter, AI-VI, 1.5m
R3075Receiver, AI-VI, 1.5m
R3077Transponder, IFF-IIG 12V, 40-50,60-70 MHz
R3078Transponder, IFF-IIG 24V, 40-50,60-70 MHz
T3079Transmitter, Radar ground station. 209MHz
R3082Transponder, IFF-II 12V, Tropical version of R3002
R3083Transponder, IFF-II 24V, Tropical version of R3003
R3084?Receiver with 30MHz IF
R3085Receiver, AI-V, 1.5m, with T3065/T3100
R3090Transponder, IFF Mk-III, 24V version of R3067, 157-187 MHz, copied in US as SCR-595-A
T3100Transmitter, AI-V with R3085
R3102Receiver, AI-IV, 188-198MHz, with T3065
R3108Transponder, IFF-IIN 12V
R3109Receiver, large ground installation???/IFF-IIN transponder 24V
R3118Receiver, ground station, IFF Mk-III receiver. (10DB/545 weighs 40lb). 13+ valves
R3120Transponder, IFF Mk-IIIG 12V version of R3121, 157-187,200Mhz, similar to US SCR-695-AZ
R3121Transponder, IFF Mk-IIIG, 24V version of R3120, 157-187,200Mhz, similar to US SCR-695-A
R3124Receiver, AI-VII, 9.1cm, with T3130, March 1941
T3130Transmitter, AI-VII, 9.1cm, with R3124
R3132Receiver. R3132B (10DB/1286). 10 Valves
T3135Transmitter, MONICA-I
R3136Receiver, MONICA-I
TR3137Tinsel HF jammer uses T1154
TR3151Transceiver, AI-VIII, 3GHz, April 1942
TR3152Transceiver, AI-VIII, 3GHz, April 1942
TR3159Transceiver, H2S or ASV-VIB
TR3160Transceiver, Lucero for H2S-II and ASV-III
TR3161Transceiver, REBECCA Mk-I, 213MHz, 1 channel
TR3164Transponder, Eureka Mk-I, 217 MHz
TR3173Transceiver, REBECCA Mk-II, 214-234MHz,
TR3174Transponder, Eureka Mk-II, 214,219,224,229,234MHz. TR3174A is 24V version.
Consists of receiver type 61, transmitter type 45, amplifier type 178, modulator type 66, power unit type 286, switch type 116, chassis type 12.
T3180Transmitter, 177MHz "Walter Mk-I" dinghy homing beacon. 10DB/975
Valves: CV93 (V625)
TR3182Transceiver, REBECCA Mk-III, Sender 213.5MHz, Receiver 216.5MHz
R3189Receiver, Oboe-I
TR3190Transceiver. Lucero-I for ASV-III
TR3191Transmitter. H2S Mk-II
TR3196Transceiver. Lucero-I for ASVX 12V
TR3197Transceiver. Lucero-I for ASVX 24V
T3205Transmitter, MONICA-IB
R3206Receiver, MONICA-IB
TR3207Transceiver, MONICA-II
A3208Amplifier, MONICA-II
R3211Transponder, IFF-III Lightweight 12V, 157-187 MHz
R3212Transponder, IFF-III Lightweight 24V, 157-187 MHz
R3501Transmitter, Ames type 16 & 22
R3502Receiver, Ames type 16
TR3505Transceiver. Lucero-II 24V
TR3507Transceiver. Lucero-II 12V
TR3514Transponder, Eureka Mk-III A 214-234MHz, 5 Channels, B sender 216.5 MHz, receiver 213.5 MHz
R3515?Receiver with 13.5MHz IF H2S?
R3516Receiver H2S Mk-II
TR3519Transceiver, ASV-VI, 10cm
TR3523Transceiver, ASV-VIB,VIC 9.1cm
TR3523A/ETransceiver, ASV-VII, 3cm
TR3526Transceiver. Lucero-I for AIX
TR3529Transponder, Eureka H, 214-234 MHz, 20 Channels and Lucero-II for AI-VIIIB and ASV-XII
TR3530Transceiver, AI-X,XI, 9.1cm/3cm, 1942/3
TR3532Transceiver. Lucero-II for AI MK-IX
R3540Receiver, OBOE Mk II (RT-4/APS-4)
R3547Receiver, AGLT-I,II,III, with 35MHz IF
TR3548Transceiver, AGLT-I,II,III
TR3549Transceiver, Airborne Cigar jammer for 30-33, 38.3-42.5, 48-52MHz consists of R1624 and T1360
R3553Receiver, Benito, Serrate and ASV-VI
R3554Receiver, ASV-VI
TR3555Transceiver, H2S Mk 3A
TR3558Transponder, Eureka Mk-II, 214-234 MHz, 5 channels
TR3559Transponder, Eureka Mk-II F, Sender 196.5MHz, Receiver 193 MHz, Used by fighter command for approaching aircraft with AI who were searching for German submarines
TR3561Transceiver, Ames type 22
A3562Amplifier, H2S Mk 3A
TR3563Transponder, Eureka Mk-III A, 214-234MHz, 5 Channels
R3564Receiver, OBOE Mk-I
TR3566Transceiver, Lucero II for H2S-III and ASV-V,VI,VII, 171-238MHz
TR3567Transceiver, BABS Mk-II
T3568Transmitter, Benito and Serrate
R3572Receiver, Benito
TR3576Transceiver, Rebecca Mk-IIB, 173-176 MHz
TR3577Transceiver, REBECCA H 214-234MHz, 30 Channels
TR3579Transponder, Eureka H, 214-234MHz, 20 Channels
R3582Receiver, Gee H Mk-II uses plug-in tuner: 20-30MHz, 40-50MHz, 50-65MHz, 65-80MHz used with T1629
A3583Amplifier, ASV Mk XI
R3584Receiver, AGLT-I
R3585Receiver, ASV-VIC
R3588Receiver, Liquid Lunch AGLT/IFF
TR3590Transceiver, REBECCA H 214-234MHz, 30 Channels
TR3593Transponder, Eureka Mk-III T (Talking)sender 213.5 MHz
TR?3598Transponder, IFF-IIIG, 157-187,200MHz
TR3603Transceiver, Meerschaum-II jammer, 60-120MHz
TR3604Transceiver, AGLT-IV
A3606Roll servo amplifier, part of the scanner roll stabilizing system for ASV Mk15
TR3610Transceiver, REBECCA Mk-II, 214-234MHz
TR3624Transceiver, REBECCA Mk-IV, 170-240MHz, 30 Channels. 40 valves(?)
R3640Receiver, Oboe-II
R3645Receiver, GEE
R3647Receiver, H2S Mk-IV. 34 valves.
R3664Receiver, Oboe-I
R3673Receiver, GEE Mk-III
A3713Amplifier, (10U/16156) in cylindical box with integral rotary converter for 250V HT.
Valves: 12AU7, 12AX7
R4187 Receiver, HF communications, STR18B, (Vulcan, Victor, Valiant, Shackleton, Beverley, Hastings, Varsity). A double conversion fully remote controlled superhet covering bands of 2.8-5.2MHz, 5.2-9.7MHz and 9.7-18.1Mhz with 24 crystal-controlled pre-set channels. IF of 2.15MHz and 100kHz. 15 valves with integral power unit. Used with T4188 and control unit type 4189.
T4188Transmitter, HF, used with R4187. Uses control and drive unit type 4243, modulator type 4192 and control unit type 4189.
TR4626Transceiver, radar, ref 10D/20214 in big cylindrical container
T5017Transmitter part of TR5043, 100-156MHz 4 crystals. 10W output. British designation for American BC625 part of SCR522.
Valves: 6G6, 6SS7, 3x12A6, 2x832
R5019Receiver part of TR5043, 100-156MHz 4 crystals, 12MHz IF. British designation for American BC624 part of SCR522.
Valves: 9002, 3x9003, 12AH7, 3x12SG7, 12C8, 12J5
R5032VHF ground receiver, 100-156MHz. 12MHz IF. R5032A ref 10D/259 is the British designation for the American built BC639A, used with transmitter BC640. Uses power unit 5003A ref 110K/498 (US R42A)
Valves: 3xVT203, 4xVT211, VT202, VT103, VT152, VT211
TR5043Transceiver, 100-156MHz, VHF aircraft communications. Consists of R5019, T5017, Rack 5009. British designation for American SCR 522 built in US as plug-compatible substitute for TR1143 and for US army ground-air use. 4 preset crystal controlled channels.
AD7092Automatic direction finder, Marconi. Single conversion superhet with 110KHz IF covering bands 100-150kHz, 300-580kHz, 580-1100kHz, 1.1-2MHz. 17 valves. Uses Receiver Controller Type 1274 or Type 933.
TR11542Transceiver, 44 channel crystal controlled VHF auto tuning version of the TR198x series. Upper band.
TR13046Transceiver, 44 channel crystal controlled VHF auto tuning version of the TR198x series. Lower band.

Power Units

3 Transformer200-250V 60W 50Hz210V 55mA HT and 6.3V 3.5A LTR1132AGround station mains supply
4A  6V (?)210V HT(?)R1132AEmergency battery supply.
1510K/36Rotary11.2-12.9V d/c+300V, -150V, 12.6V LTSupply for TR1143 or TR1430Rotary transformer Type U using input carbon-pile regulator Type G
1610K/37Rotary21.8-29V d/cHT+, MT-, 12V LTSupply for TR1143 or TR1430Rotary transformer Type V using input carbon-pile regulator Type G
3210K/17Rotary12V 240W1200V 100mAT1154Rotary transformer Type 28 with starter Type 5
32A10K/13063Rotary12V 240W1200V 100mAT1154Rotary transformer Type 28 with starter Type 5
32B10K/1474Rotary12V 240W1200V 100mAT1154Rotary transformer Type 28 with starter Type 5
3310K/18Rotary24V 240W1200V 100mAT1154Rotary transformer Type 29 with starter Type 5
33A10K/13064Rotary24V 240W1200V 100mAT1154Rotary transformer Type 29 with starter Type 5
33B10K/1470Rotary24V 240W1200V 100mAT1154Rotary transformer Type 29 with starter Type 5
3410K/19Rotary12V 115W217V 110mA; 7V 13AR1155 and T1154Rotary transformer Type 30 with starter Type 6
34A10K/13065Rotary12V 115W217V 110mA; 7V 13AR1155 and T1154Rotary transformer Type 30 with starter Type 6
3510K/20Rotary24V 115W217V 110mA; 7V 13AR1155 and T1154Rotary transformer Type 31 with starter Type 8
35A10K/13066Rotary24V 115W217V 110mA; 7V 13AR1155 and T1154Rotary transformer Type 31 with starter Type 8
4510D/889Transformer230V 50Hz1200V 200mAT1154Ground HT PSU for T1154
4610D/890Transformer230V 50Hz220V, 6VT1154/R1155Ground LT/HT PSU for R1155 and LT for T1154
8710K/201Rotary26V 2.5A250V 100mA; 6.3V 2.5ATR1196Airbourne psu for TR1196
104 Rotary13V 5A250V 100mA; 6.3V 2.5ATR1196Airbourne psu for TR1196A
11410K/350Transformer230V 50Hz?T1154Ground station psu for R1155 and T1154
11510K/351Transformer230V 50Hz?T1154Ground station psu for R1155 and T1154
15910KB/385Rotary10-14.25V 9.5A450V 60mA; 9V regulatedUnknownMotor-generator Type 2 (10KB/419) using Rotary transformer Type 47 with regulator Type 15(10FB/430)
16510KB/406Rotary21-28.5V 5A450V 60mA; 18V regulatedUnknownMotor-generator Type 1 (10KB/407) using Rotary transformer Type 46 with regulator Type 16(10FB/431)
17310K/293Vibrator22-29V d/c120V 35mA d/cHT supply to TR9Vibrator Type 5123 (110K/237) with choke smoothing and neon stabilised output. Same size as 120V HT battery
234A10D/17395Transformer230V 50Hz?R1392Ground station power supply
24710K/13253Transformer230V 50Hz750-800V? 6.3VUnknown ground use
28510K/905Transformer230V 50Hz+300V, -1650V, -230V, 6.3V a/c? Ground based GEEP/o Apparatus, Kit Type 30, 10A/14525
28610KB/772Transformer80V (500W) 1.3-2.6KHz or 110V 800Hz6.3V 15A; -2.5KV/-1.8KV 0.6mA; ++420V/+250V 70mATR3173110V input was for US aircraft
29510K/932Vibrator10.8-12.5V d/c120V 40mA d/cHT supply to TR9 and A1134Vibrator type 8 with choke smoothing, uses complex transformers for stabilisation
30110K/946Transformer200-260V 50Hz 6.3V 2.8A a/c; 24-28V 0.3A d/c; 230V 70mA d/cTR1196Ground psu for TR1196
300V max HT at 30mA; <1% full load ripple
Same physical size as Type 87
31910K/37Rotary11.5-16V d/c 33.4W200V 50mA; 120V; 13V 1.8ABeam approach equipmentRotary transformer Type K (10K/11103) or Type 37(10K/186) using input carbon-pile regulator Type 12. Choke smoothing for +200V with neon stabilised +120V
32010K/37Rotary24-32V d/c 33.4W200V 50mA; 120V; 13V 1.8ABeam approach equipmentRotary transformer Type M (10K/11852) or Type 38(10K/187) using input carbon-pile regulator Type 13. Choke smoothing for +200V with neon stabilised +120V
190-240V mains
or 12V dc
250V 65mA and 12V 1.8AR1475Part of R1475 (not integral)
429Transformer200-250V mains
-150V bias, +30V aux, +350V HT, 12V lamp, 12.6VT1540Module of T1540. Includes HT and bias-failure safety relays
423110KB/17986Rotary28V200VR4187Integral with R4187
5003A110K/498Transformer230V 50Hz210V and 6s.3VR5032AVHF ground station, rack mounted
726210K/19450TransformerMains135V HT and 6V LTBC211Battery eliminator for the US frquency meter

System Names

GEEA VHF aircraft navigation system using a series of linked base stations. It worked by measuring the difference in arrival time of pulses transmitted by a chain of ground stations using an oscilloscope display, the result being looked up on a hyperbolic grid. Quite accurate over the UK but increasingly inaccurate with distance.
GEE-HThis confusingly named system is also a VHF navigation system for aircraft but is significantly different from GEE in that the ground stations are transponders and the aircraft transmits a pulse to them and measures the time of return to get a range measurement. Unlike GEE the ground stations are independent.
MONICAA VHF radar that detected aircraft approaching from the rear. Not very successful as other aircraft in the formation were what it mainly detected. It was eventually dropped when it was realised that night fighters were homing on its signals.
H2SGround mapping radar for aircraft. Used for navigation and bomb-aiming. It could also measure the actual height.
ASVSea mapping radar for aircraft. Basically the same as H2S but with the aerials and gain optimised for low-level searching at sea.
FISHPONDAn add-on to the H2S system to show positions of nearby aircraft that were closer than the height.
LUCEROAn ad-on to H2S to plot transponder beacons on the radar display.
OBOEA very accurate navigation system used by pathfinder aircraft. The aircraft carried a transponder and ground stations determined the position by timing the returns. Positional information transmitted back by modulating the ground stations using morse code.
REBECCA/EUREKAA homing beacon system originally designed for an aircraft to find a small portable transponder carried by paratroops and later SOE agents and resistance fighters. After the war it was used for long-range blind approach to airfields. REBECCA is the aircraft equipment and EUREKA is the ground transponder. The aircraft transmits a signal to the transponder and measures the range by time-difference (like GEE-H) and direction by a crude d/f system that compares the signals received by two aerials mounted either side of the aircraft so that the aircraft can be pointed towards the beacon.
BABSThe Blind Approach Beacon System which provided a short-range direction and range (somewhat like REBECCA/EUREKA) but optimised for lining up with a runway.
IFFIdentification Friend or Foe - these were various transponders designed to indicate to other aircraft and ground stations that this aircraft was on the same side. Each IFF system was deigned to interact with one of the other systems, usually radar.
AGLTAutomatic Gun Laying Turret - an add-on to H2S to provide gun aiming information for rear gunners and early warning of attack.
AIAircraft Interception radar mainly used by night fighters.
LORANLong range (up to 1300 miles) marine navigation system also used by aircraft, somewhat like GEE but using the HF band.
BAGFULSelf-recording L-band equipment for the interception of signals from the Wurzburg radar, recording the wavelength, time and duration of the received signal.
BOOZERWarning device to detect if aircraft is being monitored by the German Wurzburg gun-laying Radar.
SERRATESystem to detect the German Lichtenstein night-fighter radar.
MANDRELJammed the German Freya long-range radar (120-150MHz).
TINSELDisrupts HF communications by transmitting oise from engine bay.
WINDOWName given to strips of aluminium foil used to create spoof radar reflections.
CIGARConfused VHF radio communications.
JOSTLEBroad band jamming for VHF communications
BIG BEN JOSTLEA futile attempt to disrupt V2 rockets based on the incorrect beleif that they were radio cotrolled.
PIPERACKJammed German night-fighter radar.
GROCERJammed Lichtenstein radars.
MOONSHINEConfused Freya radars.
CARPETRadar jammer.
DUCK EGGGEE-R remote GEE navigation, worked by transmitting received GEE signals so ground stations could do the hard work for short-handed crews.
SHIVERRadar jammer for Wuerzburg, replaced by CARPET.
CONSOLRadio navigation aid, a predecessor to the modern VOR.
DECCALog range radio navigation aid.